Career Training

NAVHC team partnership involves several colleges throughout the country allowing students/interns/residents to spend advanced rotations in our center. The selected individuals are accepted from a pool of applicants and are offered the opportunity to spend time in our facility while enrolled in formal supervised rotations for the following trainings: technician student, veterinary student, pharmacy student, perfusion student, veterinary small animal rotating intern, veterinary small animal cardiology and surgery resident.

Students are invited to fill this externship registration form to be considered for any position. Upon acceptance, the student will be required to submit a CV or resume, a background check, drug test, proof of health insurance, letter from a mentor and from the college to To enhance the learning experience, we offer limited openings.

NAVHC also offers partnership with colleges and advanced veterinary practices abroad. Application for stages at NAVHC can be sent to and will be forwarded to our medical director.