COVID-19 Response

By March 19, 2020Press/Media

North American Veterinary Health Center is still open and seeing patients. We will stagger appointments so that no more than one client will be in the building at a time. Between clients we will clean thoroughly the areas a client may visit: rooms, counters, and lobby. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you during this time of the Coronavirus.

If you are concerned you can also stay in your car while we take your pet inside the clinic and take care of what your pet needs. We also offer medication delivery within Jupiter.

If you are positive for Covid-19, we urge you to stay home and take care of yourself. However, if your pet is sick and in need of treatment, you may arrange for someone to bring your pet to the clinic. We have prepared an isolation room that has its own entrance/exit door. We will then prepare ourselves with gown, glove, and mask to examine your pet. Please inform us if Covid-19 is in your home and have your caretaker call us upon arrival so we can let them in the special room, as this door stays locked otherwise.

These are just precautions as right now there is no scientific evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted from dogs or cats to humans.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), no animals in the US have been identified with the virus. There is no evidence that dogs, cats or other pets can contract or spread Covid-19.

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Exciting news for North American Veterinary Health Center!

We are now offering professional dog training by Linda, who is truly devoted to all animals and has great compassion for animal welfare. Your furry friends will have fun while learning obedience and becoming a well-behaved pet. They will enjoy indoor and outdoor training in our comfortable, state of the art facility.

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