NAVHC’s Pillars of Excellence


Our physicians are board-certified in disciplines such as anesthesiology, surgery, and our rigorous standards of training applies to our veterinary technicians and administrative staff.

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The equipment within the walls of our practice is state-of-the-art and provides exceptional images upon which our medical team can make highly informed treatment decisions.

  • Our X-ray, is an advanced high definition digital machine that emits less than half of the radiation of the current standard ‘low-dose’ machines making scans safer for your pet and for our team members.
  • Our Ultrasound is world class. Our Philips Ultrasound offers stunning imagery and is used in the world’s most advanced human cardiac centers.
  • Our proprietary ultrasound table was custom designed to provide a stable and comforting environment for pets while affording our medical staff with optimal access for collecting images of our patient’s hearts.
  • Our on-site blood chemistry laboratory offers speed and precision minimizing delays and increasing the speed of making decisions.
  • Our operating rooms are designed from the ground up for heart surgeries offering advanced life support, state of the art patient dashboards, and ultra-advanced hospital quality air filtration.
  • Our custom built ICU oxygen saturation chambers offer critical care and recovering patients advanced support
  • Our high-risk dental studio provides state of the art equipment and techniques to provide lifesaving dental care to pets with underlying conditions.


Our treatment protocols are how we deploy our highly-trained staff in conjunction with our world-class equipment to benefit your pet, and you, their family member. Training, knowledge, research, and experience set our cardiac teams apart from anything that is currently offered in the Americas. Our world class expertise is put to use to improve patient outcomes, optimize cardiac management, and if surgery is necessary, to save your pets life. We fix hearts.

Scientific Partnerships

We pride ourselves in our partnerships with the veterinary as well as the human health-care industry. Our goal is to expand research for pet care, improve treatments, and promote awareness and understanding of cardiac disease in dogs and cats. Our vision is to expand lifesaving cardiology and cardiac surgery. Our team regularly contributes to the veterinary community via partnerships, scientific collaborations, and speaking at symposiums / conferences.