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February & March Dental Special

Take advantage of our special offer where your pet’s full dental cleaning is just $349.00!
*Offer expired 04/01/2020


  • Dental Consultation prior to day of procedure
  • Anesthesia
  • Cleaning
  • Scaling
  • Any pain medications or antibiotics to go home afterDOES NOT INCLUDE EXTRACTIONS.


  • Each patient will need pre-op bloodwork prior to procedure. This test varies due to age of patient and will be performed during the Dental Consultation.
  • Dental Consultation to examine the patient is needed prior to procedure.
  • Each patient must be current on all vaccines and records must be provided. Cats must be FIV/FELV Negative.
  • If Fleas or Intestinal parasites are noted during procedure pet will be treated for an additional cost.

Additional Services:

  • Pyrantel: Deworms for Hookworms and Roundworms. Start at $25.00 based on weight
  • Capstar: Kills fleas for 24 hours. $17.00
  • Rabies Vaccine 1 yr: $25.00
  • Rabies Vaccine 3 yr: $35.00
  • DHPP Vaccine: $28.00
  • Bordetella Vaccine: $28.00
  • FVRCP Vaccine: $28.00
  • FeLV Vaccine: $28.00
  • FVRCP/FELV Combo Vaccine: $45.90
  • Feline Rabies Vaccine: $ 40.00
  • Fecal Test: $30.00
  • FIV/FELV Test: $50.00
  • Accuplex 4(Heartworm Combo): $40.00