Pet parents, as a human would you go to your general Doctor for a heart issue? No of course not, you would go see a Board-Certified Cardiologist. Do not risk your pet’s life, DEMAND the same level of care and experience you would want for yourself.

Ask questions, do your own research, and get second opinions:

  • Is the Veterinarian who is performing cardiology services, or prescribing heart medications for your pet a Board-Certified Cardiologist?
  • Is the Surgeon who is about to perform heart surgery on your pet, a Board-Certified Surgeon whose sole focus and training is in cardiac surgery?
  • If your pet is going to have any type of heart surgery no matter how minor, who will be administering and monitoring your pet’s anesthesia during surgery? Will an Anesthesiologist be in the operating room to monitor your pet?

If the answer to any of to the questions above is NO, take your pet elsewhere! Many pets are being treated for cardiac conditions (such as, Murmurs, CHF, DCM, PDA surgery) and are dying unnecessarily due to improper training and outdated protocols, deployed by non-veterinary board-certified cardiologists and board-certified surgeons whose primary focus and training was not in cardiac surgery.

You, NAVHC and your primary care veterinarian are all part of the same team, we form the triad of care.

Why board-certified veterinary specialists?

Board-certified veterinary specialists have specific education and hands-on experience with more complicated diseases and treatments over and above that of most general practice veterinarians. In addition, a veterinary specialist may have diagnostic equipment not generally used by your primary care veterinarian. Please visit vetspecialists.com for more information.